Siren is drop dead gorgeous and is my personal alarm. She rats out anyone doing something fishy. I always know when a pup is loose or another dog is doing something strange because she goes off like a Siren. She is a sweet little good natured girl with alot of mama traits in her. She is somewhat protective over me and very handler sensitive and super respectful. I have had my eyes on her mother (FIRELINES NATION) the coyote killer for a long time and have been waiting for a pup from her for a long time. Her father is BACKWOODS SNIPER & her grand father is the famous FIRELINES KNOXVILLE. WE are happy to have her join the BULLETPROOF family. She will be participating in competition as she gets older and hopefully be a future star. She is amazingly gentle with kids and me and is always by daddy’s side. As of right now she is my sweet baby girl that is over dosed on sugar.