A good protection dog should be born out of the box with nerves of steel, but with enough intelligence to assess the situation at hand 100% of the time. Hard as nails but soft as cotton towards the handler. Tolerant of people but not ignorant to their intention. This sets up the ultimate dog with minimal training for the real world job at hand.BULLETPROOF PITBULLS

If you love a shorter haired dog with a muscular athletic build and miss the old shepherd qualities of a little more alertness, confidence, and health, then these dogs are for you!! The best of both worlds but with solid health and stability. They will be 60 to 70 pound dogs, 22 to 24 inches at the withers. Males being the larger of the gender. The term protection dog gets thrown around nowadays like garbage in a bin. People use the term with individual ideas of what they think a protection dog is. What people think verses what they know are two very different things. I have been very fortunate by fate to have been around a few mentors that have a vast field of knowledge regarding this subject. Each having personal views and breeds of choice. I was not biased against any breed and worked with any breed in front of me. I remember for the first time watching 3 real protection dogs working together and was amazed to think that I thought a dog that bit a sleeve was the best thing since sliced bread. What an eye opener that was. The owner of those dogs and I became friends and still speak for hours about the subject. Since then, I have seen a lot of different breeds trained in the different types of so called protection. I have also met and worked with (in my opinion) some of the best trainers in the world. My perspective has changed a lot over the years according to the type of threat and the solution for the specifics.



A personal protection dog should be trained different than a military k9, which should be trained differently than a police K9, which should be trained different than a sport dog, which also should be trained differently then a guard/watch dog.

This doesn’t mean a dog trained for one of these purposes is any better or worse than any another. There are many things that are similar, but there are also a lot of specifics. The dog’s intent and thinking should be different depending on application which can make a huge difference in a dog’s job during its performance at work. What it boils down to is knowing what the dog’s job is going to be and then training it accordingly. If the genetic capability is not there, you have wasted a lot of time and money which happens more often then you would think. I refuse emails daily on training dogs that the owner thinks is capable of a task it’s not suited for.

A watch dog should give warning that someone is present or something is suspicious. Most toy breeds can do this job fine without training. (yorkie, minature poodle, minature pincher ect) The problem is they bark at everything so the bark becomes more of a annoyance then a signal. Do you remember this story? “the boy that cried wolf”.

A guard dog has to secure a perimeter and guard whatever is inside of that space. Will he bite if the threat trespasses the perimeter?
Will he leave the compound to chase something down leaving the space unguarded? Will he refuse food that could be harmful to him?

A sport dog trained in sport will and should have phenomenal obedience, the question is, will that transfer to the real world job at hand? Depending on the sport it was competing in and the dogs genetic can answer that question to a degree. Most sport dogs are equipment fixated and are not tough enough for the stress of real personal protection.

A personal protection dogs main objective is to keep you protected, not attacking unprovoked. He/she should be weary of your surroundings in travel and turn into a guard dog at home. Being weary doesn’t mean barking at everyone that passes by or getting distracted by yelling or arguing. The control has to be 100% and in the event that it see’s a real threat it has to react lighting fast. The variability is all dependent on purpose. A judge or lawyer that receives death threats is a very different scenario then a family that just wants to feel safe but really faces no severe threat.

It’s my personal and humble opinion that the perfect dog out of the box is extremely hard to find. Some dogs are too over the top with prey drive and lack stability (belgian malinois). Some dogs are not confident enough and lack good nerves (german shepherd, doberman). Some are intimidating looking but are really easily to befriend (pit bull). Some are too big and too needy to board a plane or stay incognito in a vehicle (mastiffs, doberman, rottweiler). And most of the above breeds are riddled with health problems. No offence to anyone or their breed of choice, this is just my opinion. Of course there are good examples of every breed but too me the inconsistency is too much of a chance. I need to know for sure with my own line trained by me, bred by me, evaluated by me. Nowadays, a European import means nothing because the dogs shipped to North America from Europe are their leftover stock, which in turn has driven me to try to create the best of what I think is the ultimate protection dog by using my personal best dogs. All health tested and pushed thru real stress. Stable and confident but clear in thinking and not easily trusting of anyone outside the pack. That by no means means mauling the innocent by any standard. Non of this fearful barking but more of a watchful eye with a serious demeanor. Not a dog that licks everyone to death, (most of the time) tolerant of people, but sits back and watches like a shepherd watching its flock. These pups are now adults. I kept the whole litter and did minimal foundation work so I can see raw genetic traits. I love what I see so far. Very attentive, super affectionate, very consistent, but more alert and responsive then my breed of choice, the pit bull (which is a horrible guard dog by nature). With training, I personally feel that these dogs are versatile and can be super loving house companion or a serious weapon to a threat. Without formal training they will make exceptional family dogs with a protective side. THEY ARE TOTALLY LEGAL AND DON’T HAVE ISSUES WITH BREED BANS. A super agile muscular rare and unique specimen and they can be only be produced by me. The only reason I’m not keeping them all is because of time and space and sticking to my goal of creating consistency. Im willing to give this gift to others. To me and my personal taste, it’s the best option in my opinion for an all around solid dog for protection & family kids companion. I have all type of breeder friends of all kinds of working breeds and from all over the world and non have said they were not exceptional that seen them in action personally. WELCOME TO THE ERA OF THE BULLETPROOF HYBRID. NOTHING I HAVE SEEN IS AS WELL PUT TOGETHER AND CONSISTENT.