The goal of our program is to produce a few litters of purpose and make an improvement with every generation. Striving to produce dogs that have stable temperaments, relentless willing to please, clear thinking minds, superior intelligence, extreme drive, confidence, free from genetic defects and health issues, in a large muscular package. In essence, producing healthy offspring that better the linage. The by product being clear minds that can achieve any task at hand and easily trainable with an on and off switch from a loving family dog that can turn into a performance working dog at the drop of a hat. Lean muscular hard bodies that have good bone structure with no faults, rid of allergies and issues regarding health so the dog will more or less be BULLETPROOF.  It takes time and selective breeding for generations to produce consistant litters, but with intelligence in breeding practices and a keen eye, this can be achieved and put a reverse on the deteriorating canines that are now present in modern times. Because of uneducated financially motivated breeding practices, dogs of modern times are not what they are suppose to be.  I have a personal goal for myself of what I want to achieve. In the process, I will try to produce bulletproof companions for people that want a dog of exception. Dogs will only be sold to responsible owners and we can assist in training. All of the dogs are interacted with on a daily basis and don’t sit in a kennel for 24 hours. They experience real world circumstances on a daily basis and based on their behaviour and responses to real world scenarios determines if, how, and why, I would breed that particular dog. How else would you know the animal inside and out? All of our dogs are highly trained and compete as time permits. WORKING DOG, MILITARY, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE